• Calcio Storico Fight compil

    Calcio Storico Fight compil

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    Calcio fiorentino (also known as calcio storico "historic football") is an early form of football that originated in 16th century Italy.

  • 00:49 Sooti Javad Khiabani

    Sooti Javad Khiabani

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    In Iranian TV

  • 01:26 Ghale Noii Mehran Modiri

    Ghale Noii Mehran Modiri

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  • 51:34 Bazia - Javad Khiabani

    Bazia - Javad Khiabani

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    Javad Khiabani as football commentator

  • 03:12 AFC 2015 IRAN

    AFC 2015 IRAN

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    We love you Iranian-Australians.

  • 04:10 First 30 days of training with a cyr wheel

    First 30 days of training with a cyr wheel

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    Day after day , discover the evolution of the practice of this man with a Cyr wheel. It increased incredibly in just one month .

  • 01:27 Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank Fail

    Bachelor Party Bungee Jump Prank Fail

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    Luke thought we were taking him bungee jumping blindfolded on his bucks, poor bloke had no idea! Ha ha credit to Malcolm aka 'Toby' the convincing Bungee Instructor

  • 03:25 Involvement Iran Korea Football

    Involvement Iran Korea Football

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    Iran’s national soccer team has gained a precious, morale-boosting victory against South Korea in a friendly match in its preparation for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup.

  • 02:37 They jump from the cliffs of Hawaii

    They jump from the cliffs of Hawaii

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    A group of young people running sometimes flips the cliffs of Hawaii. With its wild nature , Hawaii is an ideal setting for filming these spectacular dives. All are getting into , boys, girls and even gorilla ...

  • 03:28 It reaches 333km/h with his bike

    It reaches 333km/h with his bike

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    Francois Gissy won the title of world record speed bike reaching 333km / h thanks to a powerful propellant. Even the most perfomance car seems slow beside him . Cameras placed outside the circuit and the rear of the bike shows this incredible record .

  • 03:13 The worst sport deaths

    The worst sport deaths

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    People who have died as a result of injuries sustained while participating in, training for, or spectating sporting events. Sport deaths in North America (categories) Sovereign states : Antigua and Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Belize Canada Costa Rica Cuba D