• Popular Snake venom and human blood

    Snake venom and human blood

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    You can see the strong impact of the snake venom on human blood! It is horrible! The toxicity of snake venom is assessed by a toxicological test called the median lethal dose, LD50, (an abbreviation for "lethal dose, 50%"), which determines the concentrat

  • 03:25 Attack in the Bus!

    Attack in the Bus!

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    Este delincuente intento robar a una mujer en una micro de Concepcion, gracias a la rapida reaccion del conductor al cerrar la puerta de aquella micro, el delincuente no pudo escapar y quedo con sus dedos atrapados, fue llevado a carabineros de chile.

  • 00:38 This stupid idiot is asking for it...

    This stupid idiot is asking for it...

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    THE DUMBEST MAN IN THE WORLD DEFINITELY GOES TO THIS GUY. He didn't place his hand in the crock's butt that would be dumb Unfortunately his career as a preschool teach was abruptly ended when his students were only able to count to 6 1/2 upon graduation i