• 15:42 Popular Soti haye gozareshgaran

    Soti haye gozareshgaran

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    In video bayad roze shoma ro besaze. az Soti gozareshgarane TV e America gerefte shode. kheily jalebe bebinid.

  • 03:26 This prank never gets old

    This prank never gets old

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    This is a real prank. Those pranks where people walk around a corner and see incredibly realistic molds of disemboweled people with a dude standing there revving a chainsaw is not a prank at all.

  • 01:57 Popular A girl who walked in NY city

    A girl who walked in NY city

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    There really were a couple of actual examples of harassment, like when the one guy followed her and kept badgering her to talk to him. Most of the other comments were basically greetings, which may have been unecessary when aimed at a stranger for no good

  • 03:12 Popular Windows Prank with a beautiful cat

    Windows Prank with a beautiful cat

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    Omg this was so hard to watch. I understand it's a prank but I have a few cats myself and I felt so sad for Jeana knowing how she felt.

  • 03:55 Popular Super Prank, it is hilarious!

    Super Prank, it is hilarious!

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    You won't be saying that when death looks at you in the face. Fear will be an instinctive and non voluntary response, unless you've experienced it many times before and been TRAINED not to fear it.

  • 04:59 Popular You are in City center, in your bed!

    You are in City center, in your bed!

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    this is a proper prank, just humilliating and not playing with emotions either scaring one to death. You guys are mad creative and funny!

  • 02:13 Popular The best scare prank ever!

    The best scare prank ever!

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    Damn these guys are super clever with their pranks this was hilarious! I've been watching these pranks in backwards order and you guys are going to give each other heart attacks!

  • 02:38 How can you feel here!

    How can you feel here!

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    JHC! Talk about an overreaction, that guy punched a freakin' hole through his computer screen and peed himself! I think he has a mental illness, he looks and sounds like he has a mental illness, damn.

  • 09:15 Halloween in Japan

    Halloween in Japan

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    Amazing costumes, tens of thousands of people, and lots of fun at Tokyo's massive 2014 Halloween costume street party!Halloween has exploded in popularity in Japan in the last few years, and this year's Shibuya Halloween street party was the biggest and m

  • 03:28 Gentleman Spiderman

    Gentleman Spiderman

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    In America, there is only 1 day of the year where it is legal to come out the house with a mask on your face.... and that day is Halloween, any other time, might get you killed or definitely Funny though...comedy. This time of year really

  • 03:06 Popular Halloween Prank Horrible

    Halloween Prank Horrible

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    Pour Halloween, SA Wardega nous propose une caméra cachée avec une invasion de zombies. Des personnes dans la rue vont se retrouver confrontées à un ou plusieurs zombies plus vrais que nature. A regarder jusqu'au bout rien que

  • 01:36 Popular What do you do in such a situation

    What do you do in such a situation

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    dude, you gotta be joking right. please tell me that was a joke comment. cause if it was, then that's an awesome joke from your part. hmmm that shows the pervertness of these guys out!! they are genuine to their sexuality but not their relationship! cmon